The Latest: Google searches for the word “pussy” are up 25%

Google is getting ready to release the search engine that allows its users to search for “pussies,” which have become the most searched word in the U.S. according to Google Trends.Google Trends data shows searches for “Pussy” rose 25 percent in the first 24 hours after the word was added to Google searches.Search engines like Twitter and Facebook have already […]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer Reveals A Brief History Of The Series’

The latest trailer for Star Trek: Destiny shows a glimpse of what the first three seasons of the show could have been.The trailer shows the Enterprise-D landing on the planet of Narnia, and then shows an image of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy’s planet and their ship, which is destroyed.The new trailer also shows a new version of Kirk and McCoy […]

The search engines are back!

The search engine search engine was officially launched by the State Government on Monday.It was launched as part of the State Tourism Promotion Strategy for the State.A spokesperson for Tourism Minister Gita Mittal told The Indian Express that this was a first step in the search engine’s journey.“As a first stage, we are giving search engines an opportunity to work […]