How to download torrents with TorTorrent

The Lad bible is a torrent tracker for users of the popular Torrent client.You can download torrent files with torrentz,tormentz,ebsco host or another torrent client, such as mplayer, but torrents are most commonly downloaded with torrents.Torrentz is the best torrent client for torrents because it offers an interface which allows torrent files to be opened and downloaded.In this guide we […]

How to use torrentz to find your favorite movies and TV shows, and more.

The movie-watching experience on torrentz is the same as on any other search engine.But if you’re not looking for your favorite shows or movies, you’ll need to use your own search engine to find them.Torrentz allows you to search for movies and shows, or browse the content by the year and title, and to add a movie to a list […]