How to avoid getting caught in the Yahoo search engine spam

When you search for something online, you might be asked to enter your credit card number, your password and other personal information.These are all standard terms used by search engines to help users find relevant information.In some cases, however, these terms are used to trick users into clicking on links that may not be legitimate.Google is a prime example of […]

How to use Google Search to find the latest news

A search for “jade-eyed woman” in the US will find the news story about Jade E. Wilson, who is the wife of NFL quarterback Andrew Luck.A search in India for “Jade Wilson” turns up the story about the Jade E Wilson who was born to her parents in Texas, according to a new article published in the Australian Financial Review.The […]

How to make your search engine search engine news

I think the most important part of any search engine is the news it generates, and it should be one of the few things you do every day.As the search engine of choice for most websites, Google is always looking for ways to make it even better.And the latest update to Google News is the new search engine indexing feature.The […]