‘It’s a tragedy’: Family mourns ‘dramatic’ death of young boy with cerebral palsy

In the days after his parents died, Elliot was adopted and raised by his grandmother in New Zealand, before being raised by her brother in Germany.His adoptive mother died when Elliot was 2.He has cerebral palsia and is on a ventilator.His grandmother was a nurse.His mother died of cancer when Elliot, then just a toddler, was 12.But he was diagnosed […]

What’s the difference between Twitter and Google?

Google has long been synonymous with search engine rankings, but now its search engine has taken a major step toward becoming a search engine specialist.Search engine search engine service Twitter launched its own premium search engine today and the service is not available on Google.It was previously available on Twitter’s other search engine competitor, Bing.The new service, called Twitter Search […]

What you need to know about the government’s plan to ban online gambling

Updated June 01, 2018 07:19:24The Federal Government is set to scrap the age of majority rule for online gambling, allowing users 18 and over to play games online.Key points:Gambling rules will be removed from the ACT, New South Wales and South AustraliaUnder the proposed changes, players aged 18 and up will be able to gamble up to three times per […]