‘It’s a tragedy’: Family mourns ‘dramatic’ death of young boy with cerebral palsy

In the days after his parents died, Elliot was adopted and raised by his grandmother in New Zealand, before being raised by her brother in Germany.His adoptive mother died when Elliot was 2.He has cerebral palsia and is on a ventilator.His grandmother was a nurse.His mother died of cancer when Elliot, then just a toddler, was 12.But he was diagnosed […]

When Google and Bing will be partners again

When Google’s search engine and Bing’s search analytics were both acquired in 2013, it set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions.Now that Microsoft and Yahoo are working together to build a new business model for its internet-facing business, some say the new partners are set to help solve some of the thorny questions that have kept search engines apart.Read […]

How the Trump administration is using the ‘big data’ revolution to target the media

POLITICO The Trump administration’s effort to take advantage of big data to target news organizations has been a lightning rod for criticism from Democrats and some journalists, but it could ultimately be a boon for the Trump presidency.| POLITICO Highlights: POLITICO’s 2018 midterm coverage.