When does a company have to change its algorithm?

The first major change to Google’s search algorithm came on May 3, 2020, with a change to how it analyzes search results.This was the first big overhaul to Google Search since 2007, when Google announced a plan to rebrand the company to Google, Inc. The change came after Google received numerous complaints from users about the lack of personalized results […]

When you search for a term, the Google search engine is always optimizing your results

Google News – Search Engine Optimization article search engine optimization is a technique where a search engine uses machine learning algorithms to identify which words appear most frequently in your search results.For example, if you search “cars” with the word “car” and the search engine finds that most frequently, it may optimize your search for the term “cars.”But if you […]

Why you should use Google’s porn search instead of Pornhub

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced it would be rolling out a porn search option to its search engine for searches like “best porn stars,” “top porn star,” and “best sex videos.”The search feature, called “Pornhub,” will offer a wide variety of videos and features, from recommendations for best sex acts to best videos.But what if you want to […]