Which mobile search engine is the best for research and analysis?

All search engines are important, but in this case the most important is the Magellan Search Engine.With over 10 million searches a day, the Magellans database has been around since 1997 and it’s still one of the most popular.The Magellan is the only search engine that doesn’t require any permissions to be used, meaning you can go online, search for […]

When Twitter won’t stop using your search engine

The Twitter search engine is an incredible tool for sharing links, reading stories, and more.And that’s what it was designed for.Now that it’s gone it seems as if the app has fallen prey to a growing problem.The search engine will now be using a new, and less powerful, algorithm.This algorithm will be used by Twitter to identify and recommend links […]

How to get Google to drop Google Search Engine Optimization

Google’s search engine optimization is a bit of a buzzword right now, and it has been widely praised by Google’s competitors.But is it a good thing?Google has been making a push to get its search engine optimized, and some analysts think Google is doing too much.The idea behind Google’s optimization is to make the search engine more responsive, meaning that […]