When you click on a Google search result, you can find the most popular movie search results

A Google search is not a search, it’s not like you’re typing in words into a computer.It’s a search in the mind of the person typing the search.That’s why it’s important to know what you’re actually looking for when you type a search.“Google Search” isn’t a term you use often to search for a particular thing, it refers to the […]

Why does Apple have to remove some search engines?

In April, Apple’s search engine algorithm was upgraded to be more “sensitive” to the number of search results on a page, with search engines being shown more content in addition to suggestions for what users might want to see.The upgrade, known as “deep link filtering”, means the algorithm now considers pages of search terms to be part of the site, […]

How to set up a WordPress blog

A new way to blog about your favorite projects is the latest addition to the growing array of tools that WordPress developers are using to host their sites.One of the most popular is WordPress’ theme engine, which makes it easy for people to create websites and share them with the world.For some developers, this has been a major boon.“I love […]