Which airline is best for searching for flights?

Search engines and airlines are trying to determine which one is best when it comes to finding flights.But there are also a lot of differences.The top five search engines in terms of search volume are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Bing and AOL.Here’s a look at which ones have the best performance in these areas.

Obama: ‘We have not given up on this country’

President Barack Obama said he is confident that the United States will succeed in defeating the Islamic State group, but acknowledged the country is not yet “over it.”Speaking to reporters in Japan after a weekend trip to Saudi Arabia, Obama said the fight against the terrorist group has taken a toll on his presidency.“It has, and I’m not saying that […]

Which search engine is better?

Search engines can be great, but sometimes they’re not always good.Some old search engines like DuckDuckGo and Bing are doing just fine and have become so popular that they’re almost invisible.Other old search engine are more popular, but their popularity has been waning.The new ones are showing up on search engines faster than the old ones.In some cases, the old […]