How to fight the fake news and fake politics of fake news

More than 40 million Americans are now using Google search engines, which has given them access to more than 1,000 news outlets and more than 20,000 blogs and social networks, according to a study from the nonpartisan Institute for Governmental Studies.And more than 70 million people are now paying for Google services through Google ads, according a recent study by […]

When the legal search engines of the 21st century converge

This article was first published on September 15, 2018.This is a guest post by Matthew F. Voorhees, an associate professor of law at Harvard Law School.In his essay, “The Legal Search Engine of the Future,” Matthew outlines the new technological power of legal search and how it will affect our ability to answer important legal questions in our lives.We look […]

A lawyer for Uber says it’s not a good idea to let the search engines get too much attention

An attorney for Uber said the company was not “going to get too into the details of the investigation” and that the company would be releasing a statement about the investigation on Monday.“The company is not going to comment on the matter at this time, as it is a matter for the appropriate law enforcement authorities,” Marc Benioff said in […]