Why does America’s Internet traffic suck?

The Internet is getting faster.In fact, the average Internet connection speeds are getting faster than they have in decades.That’s because of a lot of work being done by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other government agencies, which are taking a hard look at the way the Internet works and determining what it is that people want and need on […]

How Indian search engine searches for ‘India’

The search engine for Indian search engines has created a new word for India in its search results: “Indian.”The new word was created by a team of Indian developers at Google Inc.The word “India” is not a new idea.It’s a word that Google has created several times before.In its search terms for “Indian” in September 2017, the search engine wrote: […]

The best new streaming movies for January 2016

New streaming movies will be released in January, and we have the best of them here in this handy roundup of the best new releases.From a romantic comedy to a supernatural thriller, from a political thriller to a psychological thriller, we’ve picked out the best films to hit your screens in January.From movies that were first released last year to […]