Google’s Google+ search engine is in the process of being acquired by Yahoo!

By now, it’s pretty obvious that the internet giant has its sights set on Google+.Now, it seems as if the internet giants may be considering merging.Sources close to the deal tell Mashable that the two companies are looking to acquire a major part of Google+ as well as other search engines, including the one they already have.According to these sources, […]

Google searches on incognita search engine: 4 reasons to avoid it

Search engines are becoming more and more popular among businesses, as Google’s Incognito feature allows employees to access more of their inboxes.In the last few years, Google has become one of the top search engines in the world.However, its Incognitos search feature also comes with a few drawbacks.1.It allows you to view your inbox as you normally would.Google doesn’t tell […]