How the world’s biggest search engine spiders are killing the internet

The world’s largest search engine engine spiders have taken out the internet.A team of researchers from the University of Waterloo has used an app called Fuzzy-Bot to find and delete thousands of websites and search engines.Researchers at Waterloo University have used an application called FidgetBot to search through the internet to find the largest search engines in the world.The app […]

GOP nominee accuses Dems of rigging game search results

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says Democrats are rigging game searches in an attack that could damage his bid to become the party’s standard-bearer.Trump, speaking Thursday at a news conference in Iowa, accused Democratic officials of conspiring to “make sure that the Democrats would be playing the game of politics” and said they “would be the party of the rich […]

Is Google’s Google search engine worth $2 billion? – Google is not just Google.It’s a giant, if you will.If you have been following the news, you might have noticed the latest headline in Google’s latest earnings report: Google’s search engine is worth $3 billion.And that is a lot of money.I mean, that is quite a lot.But Google is still a young company.Its revenues have barely reached $400 […]