Galileo Search Engine, Bittorrah Search Engine: Is Google Really So Big?

In the years following the Galileo spacecraft’s maiden voyage in 2004, Google began to develop a search engine for its mobile apps.The search engine’s initial focus was to provide easy access to Google Maps and Google+ but the search engine also evolved into a platform for searching the web, the BBC reports.Google is reportedly now using Google Search in the […]

Google’s search engine has been banned in Britain

Google has been accused of running a racist search engine after it was revealed that users of the search engine were not allowed to search for ethnic groups.The company said in a statement that it was taking steps to prevent the use of racist or offensive language on its site.However, a petition on the website calling for Google to […]

Galileo – Roma to play at Juventus in Champions League final

Juventus are set to play Galilea in the Champions League Final.The Serie A giants are preparing for a final against the Nerazzurri in the Nerazu Stadium on Sunday night.The final is the second of four that the two clubs are scheduled to play in next season.Roma’s last meeting in the competition was a 3-2 defeat to Genoa in the final […]

How to find duckducks for swiss cows

Search DuckDuckGo to find a duck or goose to breed with.But first, you’ll need to figure out where to find them.The duck hunt is a popular activity in Switzerland.It’s the only country in the world where duck hunting is legal, and it’s also the only place where you can hunt them yourself, if you’re so inclined.Duck hunting is also a […]