When Google’s search engine gets into trouble, Firefox gets it right

Microsoft has a new search engine for Windows 10.The company announced today that it will soon be rolling out a new, free browser called Firefox Edge, which will allow you to search for websites using Google.It will be called Firefox Search, and you can download the browser from the Windows Store.The new browser is available to download for free from […]

How to use Google search to find your nearest pub

How to search Google for a pub in your area?With the help of Google’s search engine and some knowledge about the pubs in your neighbourhood, you’ll be able to find one near you in no time!Google’s primary search engine is the Google search engine.The search term “pets” appears on the right side of Google results, and then the word “paws” […]

The search engines are back!

The search engine search engine was officially launched by the State Government on Monday.It was launched as part of the State Tourism Promotion Strategy for the State.A spokesperson for Tourism Minister Gita Mittal told The Indian Express that this was a first step in the search engine’s journey.“As a first stage, we are giving search engines an opportunity to work […]