Why you should never share your favorite songs with your friends and family, according to Google

Google’s new music search engine will give you a list of all the songs you love, so you can share it with them.The company is hoping that it will make it easier for you to discover new music that you actually enjoy and will make the process of finding it easier.The search engine currently has a list that is filled […]

Microsoft unveils new Bing search engine with ‘Code Search’ algorithm

Microsoft has unveiled a new search engine that aims to bring Google back into the home, and has announced that it will support both the search engine and the browser.The Bing search service, codenamed “Code Search,” is the latest attempt by Microsoft to make a bid for dominance in search.Microsoft has long been known for its Bing search product, and […]

How to search for the right content

Searching for the perfect content is all about finding the right keywords, and this infographic provides a quick guide to help you find the right one.Article source Engadsys article What is the right search term?What keywords are most popular in your industry?What’s the most popular search term for your site?The answers to these questions and more will help you create […]