Why Quotes, Quotes Everywhere, Quotable Quotes? – Quotes from the Bible

Quotes From The Bible: Quotes in the Bible are the Bible’s most quoted quotations.Quotes are used to convey meaning, and it is easy to get lost in them.The quote that you are reading is often one of the most popular, and therefore most cited, in the entire Bible.Quotables are also a powerful tool, but there are so many other ways […]

How to get an online bible search on Twitter

Search engines like Google and Bing are starting to show a new wave of interest in the Bible and the Bible Search engine.According to Google Trends, the word “bible” rose from the first few weeks of 2017 to become the most popular search term in 2018.The word “god” was also a trending topic on the search engine over the past […]

When is the best time to get the Bible?

When is when people should be reading the Bible in their own time, a researcher has said.A study by University of Melbourne’s Dr Andrew Gee and his colleagues found that the Bible was more accessible when people had a short time to spare, such as the time it took for them to get to work.Dr Gee’s research found that when […]