How the search engines are changing NFL football coverage: What’s going on with search engines?

We’re seeing an increase in search engine traffic for sports content, but not necessarily for the way you might expect.A lot of the time, it seems like the search engine engines have gone to bat for the teams that are doing well and not for the ones that are struggling.It’s possible to make the argument that some search engine algorithms […]

Why does Apple have to remove some search engines?

In April, Apple’s search engine algorithm was upgraded to be more “sensitive” to the number of search results on a page, with search engines being shown more content in addition to suggestions for what users might want to see.The upgrade, known as “deep link filtering”, means the algorithm now considers pages of search terms to be part of the site, […]

When Apple Search is gone, Google searches will be the new way of finding content

The world’s largest search engine is in danger of going the way of Google.The big question is: How will Google search engines compete?As the world’s most-visited website, Apple Search was the clear winner when it came to search traffic in the US in the fourth quarter of 2016.That’s thanks in large part to the iPhone’s revolutionary App Store.But in 2017, […]