How to make your apps more mobile-friendly: How to stream the WebCrawler, Google’s Chrome browser, and other tools

Google Chrome is now a bit like an Internet-facing, web-based browser.Chrome now runs in a desktop version of the same browser that was on every computer that used Windows and Windows XP, but with a new operating system.Chrome is a completely different browser, with its own set of features, and you can’t run it on Windows.So what’s the difference between […]

When a search engine doesn’t let you search for ‘Pet Search Engine,’ it’s time to start searching for a better one

Google is working on a new “Pet Search” feature that will let you quickly search for popular pet search engines on Amazon, Google, eBay, and others.Google announced the new feature in a blog post yesterday.Google Pet Search is not just for pet owners and breeders, though.Google says the new search tool is available to all businesses, including search marketers, financial […]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer Reveals A Brief History Of The Series’

The latest trailer for Star Trek: Destiny shows a glimpse of what the first three seasons of the show could have been.The trailer shows the Enterprise-D landing on the planet of Narnia, and then shows an image of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy’s planet and their ship, which is destroyed.The new trailer also shows a new version of Kirk and McCoy […]

A New Look at the Conservative Movement

In a new book, The American Conservatives, author Mark Leibovich explores the movement that emerged as a response to the rise of the Tea Party.In a book titled The American Right: The Origins of the New Right, Leibovitz traces the rise and fall of a conservative movement that had the support of the Republican Party, the media, and conservative intellectuals, […]

When the internet dies, Google is poised to win the race to dominate search engine searches

By Matt LeBlanc / Fortune News A merger between Google and Mozilla has the potential to make the internet the dominant search engine for billions of people worldwide.That could make Google the dominant player in search in the world, and for the foreseeable future.The deal is the culmination of years of work by Mozilla and Google, as well as the […]

When Google and Bing will be partners again

When Google’s search engine and Bing’s search analytics were both acquired in 2013, it set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions.Now that Microsoft and Yahoo are working together to build a new business model for its internet-facing business, some say the new partners are set to help solve some of the thorny questions that have kept search engines apart.Read […]

Netflix search: ‘I was told I was being targeted’

Netflix Search: ‘ I was told, ‘You have been targeted.You have been labeled.You are being targeted.’“They told me that if I didn’t do anything, that I was going to be terminated.” “It was very intimidating,” one former employee said.“They told me that if I didn’t do anything, that I was going to be terminated.”The former employees were told they were […]

How to Find the Best TV Shows on Netflix

Netflix is a service that enables consumers to search for and enjoy content on a wide range of streaming devices.However, as a major player in the streaming industry, Netflix is also one of the top performers in terms of streaming content and, according to Nielsen data, it’s also one the top providers of premium programming.In this video, we’re going to […]

Congress to consider censoring Twitter

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said Wednesday he will introduce legislation banning Twitter’s use of automated algorithms to determine which users to delete from the platform.The senator, who is a vocal advocate for stricter internet censorship measures, is pushing legislation in the House of Representatives, a source familiar with the effort told The Hill.Sanders is expected to introduce the legislation at […]

A guide to the most popular Craigslist search engine

CraigsList is a website that helps people find the best deals on clothing and accessories.It is one of the most used search engines in the world and is also the number one seller of clothes in the United States.Craigslist is a site that has an active marketplace for clothes and other goods.It provides a lot of information on the clothes […]