Obama: ‘We have not given up on this country’

President Barack Obama said he is confident that the United States will succeed in defeating the Islamic State group, but acknowledged the country is not yet “over it.”Speaking to reporters in Japan after a weekend trip to Saudi Arabia, Obama said the fight against the terrorist group has taken a toll on his presidency.“It has, and I’m not saying that […]

Why the best things to do in Japan are still pretty much the same

The country has a rich history and an amazing culture, but one of the country’s most interesting things about it is that we’re not in a single culture.We’re all Japanese.That means you can be Japanese in all sorts of ways, and the best parts of Japan are the ones that aren’t culturally defined.

‘The New Zealand economy is on the wrong path’: Survey says

New Zealand is lagging behind its international peers in terms of economic growth and unemployment, according to a new study.Key points:New Zealand is currently ranked as one of the world’s lowest in terms, according the latest OECD reportThe OECD said New Zealand’s unemployment rate is at 8.1%New Zealand has the highest unemployment rate in OECD countries, according a new reportThe […]